Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ford and Willis voted best action heroes

Obviously, I'm not surprised at Harrison Ford's nomination. But Bruce Willis? I was a young cop in the 80's and never thought Willis' John McClane anywhere near as interesting or well developed as a character as Ford's Indiana Jones. Being a cop made me look especially hard at on screen depictions of police, which, most of the time, just pissed me off.

Cops are generally depicted in the movies as either hopelessly corrupt, suicidal dare-devils, or, at best, lone-ranger vigilantes who persevere despite the ineptitude of the rest of the force.

Joseph Wambaugh, who's actually been there and done that, is the exception and I'd walk a beat with his cops any day.

On the other hand, scientists, except for the freaks creating monsters from dead bodies, or trying to take over the world, are generally portrayed in a relatively positive light.

And, as everybody knows, archaeologists are accurately portrayed by Indiana Jones.

For some funny (and generally accurate) cop stereotypes, look here!

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