Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Travel the Indy Way!

A couple of travel company's have jumped on the Indy 4 bandwagon and are offering tours designed to let you experience some of the excitement of the world's greatest adventurer.

Expedia is offering what they're calling Indiana Jones Travel Experiences, a series of 10 tours each with some (often strained) connections to one of the movies or the three year run of Young Indiana Jones series. Strangely enough, the Southwestern US tour is the most expensive. But the other tours are fascinating, taking you to such exotic locales as Egypt, Jordan, Cancun, etc.

A Spain-Based company is offering what they're calling "Viajes Con ImaginaciĆ³n" (Vacations With Imagination). They've taken the tour one step farther, combining elements of dinner theater with travel to exotic locations. So, not only can you tour the pyramids, but you may have to fend off a scimitar swinging ruffian.

I've been promising the wife a cruise for some time now....

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