Monday, April 28, 2008

Indiana Jones Adventure Spoon!

The hype for the new Indiana Jones Movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is in full-throated roar and you can hardly walk through a Kwiki-Mart or grocery store without being confronted by loud adverts screaming movie tie-ins. Yesterday I found my new favorite (well, until I find something else), the Indiana Jones Adventure Spoon!

Definitely a collector's item!

Kellogg has a whole slew of promotional items. Go to their search page, enter "indiana jones" and you'll be taken to descriptions of the Indiana Jones Search Light, the Indiana Jones Canteen, and a couple of DVD offers.

Movie tie-ins like this are a huge source of profits for movie-makers and the entire concept was pioneered by Amblin/Dreamworks, starting with Star Wars. I remember saving my pennies up to buy all the little character figures, Millennium Falcon models, and so forth. By the time the first Indiana Jones movie caught on, anyone who had anything to sell was trying their best to catch some of the movies reflected success.

For some truly awful (but tasty) movie tie-ins, go here.

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