Monday, October 10, 2005

Thank You, You Motherthanker

Patterico put's his finger on conservative outrage over the Meier's nomination:

Conservatives, we’re about to be “thanked” by the White House for helping Bush to win the election. Trouble is, I’m not sure what the word “thank” means anymore, after reading how they’re planning to “thank” us
Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Hugh Hewitt brags about placing party above principle.

John Fund, originally a supporter of the "give her a chance to defend herself in the hearings" crowd has changed his mind:

I have changed my mind about Harriet Miers. Last Thursday, I wrote in OpinionJournal's Political Diary that "while skepticism of Ms. Miers is justified, the time is fast approaching when such expressions should be muted until the Senate hearings begin. At that point, Ms. Miers will finally be able to speak for herself."

But that was before I interviewed more than a dozen of her friends and colleagues along with political players in Texas. I came away convinced that questions about Ms. Miers should be raised now--and loudly--because she has spent her entire life avoiding giving a clear picture of herself. "She is unrevealing to the point that it's an obsession," says one of her close colleagues at her law firm.

Ann Coulter, in her usual colorful way, cuts to the chase:

To casually spurn the people who have been taking slings and arrows all these years and instead reward the former commissioner of the Texas Lottery with a Supreme Court appointment is like pinning a medal of honor on some flunky paper-pusher with a desk job at the Pentagon — or on John Kerry — while ignoring your infantrymen doing the fighting and dying.

Mr. President - it's not too late to save your party and what's left of your presidency! Withdraw this nominee!

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