Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Maybe there's Hope After All

The Volokh Conspiracy posts a response to George Will's withering critique of the Miers appointment:

George Will’s column on Harriet Miers and the President is both unfair and sloppy. He begins by suggesting that the President is uninterested and incapable of making sophisticated judgments about the Court and judicial philosophies. This charge is patently unfair. The President picked John Roberts, and has a stellar first term record of selecting conservative judges for the appellate bench. There hasn’t been a liberal in the bunch with the exception of Roger Gregory and Barrington Parker, both of whom the President obviously nominated as part of an early political compromise that got Roberts and others on the circuit bench. This is a man who almost lost the Presidency because of the liberal activism of the Florida Supreme Court. He understands full well the power of the Court and has been serious about his appointments in the past.
Read the whole thing.

Frankly, this is reassuring to me - I'm not ready for the leader of the free world to have fumbled such an obvious opportunity to change the direction of the Supreme Court. Move me into the "Disappointed, but still hopeful" camp.

That said, Hugh Hewitt is still a republican party shill.

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