Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Well, I'm sitting in my den waiting for the trick-or-treaters to show up and watching "Blade-II" on the DVD surround-sound home theater system.

It's a great night.

The weather has turned cold, well, cold for Southern California, and it's one of those clear, crisp nights that I enjoy. With the time change from Day-light savings time to regular time, it's getting darker in the evening and I love it. It takes me back to my high-school days.

Soon, Mary and the kids will be here and I'll take them "trick-or-treating." We live in a good neighborhood and all of the kids all get together to visit their neighbors. It may seem silly, but I think this is a blessing. How many parents in America can let their kids wander from house to house without worrying about what they get?

I praise God for everyday I wake-up and see where I'm at. It's a blessing that I'm able to come back to Fontana. And I'll always be grateful for that.

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