Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Shave Geekery

As I've blogged before, one of the real joys I have in my morning routine is a good old fashioned wet shave with a straight razor. And now, thanks to that wonderful resource for a excellent shaving experience, Lee's Razors, there's a inexpensive way to get your start in the wonderful world of wet shaving.

The proprietor, Lee Cantor, is offering the Greenhorn Straight Razor Deluxe Shaving Package for newbies who're interested, but not willing to invest a fortune to get started. Starting at $99 (you can choose to upgrade your brush, or add a strop or paddle stone) you get a Dovo Straight Razor, Vulfix Shaving Brush, two different pucks of Colonel Conk's Shaving Soaps, Shaving Mug, and Brush Stand.

What makes this such an outstanding deal is the Dovo straight razor. When it comes to shaving, your razor is where you don't want to go cheap and Dovo makes one of the finest razors in the wet shaving world. Dovo razors, all by themselves, start at $97 and can run as much as almost $400.

Colonel Conk's, despite the corny name, makes some of my favorite shaving soaps. They smell like unconditional love and whip up into a hot, frothy lather that you'll want to let soak in for a little while.

So if you're interested in wet shaving, this a great way to get all the basics. As I've warned before, be very, very careful with anything as sharp a Dovo razor. You've been warned.

And Lee's customer service is phenomenal. After placing my order I received an email confirming my request, providing a tracking number and it arrived, priority mail in about three days - that's service! So, while there's a lot of specialty shaving sites out there, I really can recommend Lee's to anyone.

A couple of great blogs for beginners are at (where they have some really good tutorials) and my current favorite website, Badger and Blade. If you have plenty of time to kill it turns out that there's about a zillion YouTube videos concerning wet-shaving!

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