Sunday, October 21, 2007

California Adventure gets "Re-Do"

While a lot of people are declaring this proof that DCA was a big mistake, still others are suggesting that it's beginning of a massive new expansion of Disney in SoCal.

Rumors of Disney planning new renovations in SoCal seem to float around every couple of years. Anyone remember 1990's "Port Disney" project?

I've always thought that DCA has taken a lot of criticism it didn't deserve. Admittedly, it's over priced and the best description I ever heard of it was one of Disney's lands sitting all by itself and you still get to pay full price for it. I think they could save it just by rearranging the fences and making it part of Disneyland.

Still, you could ride on any ride without standing in line for two hours. There was an excellent variety of restaurants and food and, being a native, I enjoyed seeing the good side of the state extolled. Unfortunately, most of the time when people think of California they think of the latest Britney-disaster or drive-by shootings that never seem to hit gangsters.

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