Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Thinking Man's Alternative to "Doonesbury"

I gave up on Doonesbury years ago; what is it with self-appointed liberal hacks? If they achieve even a modicum of celebrity that entitles them to lectures us with the seriousness and tone of a '50's nun discussing birth control. And we have to take them seriously or, well, they'll, uh, they'll pout. Use harsh language. Or (usually) just go find an audience that strokes their ego and treats them like a reincarnation of Moses coming down from Sinai with a couple of stone tablets in hand.

At any rate, Gary Trudeau decided during the Reagan presidency to stop writing funnies and start quoting DNC talking points. And I stopped reading him. After all these years, there is finally a moderate alternative to Trudeau's wild-eyed liberalism and conspiracy theories.

That's Day-by-Day by Chris Muir. Check it out!

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