Monday, August 07, 2006

The Great Living Room Remodel Commences!

Well, like I threatened, Mary and I are finally getting around to remodeling our living room. As was the custom in our brand of '50's style ranch house, the living room/dining room was usually the biggest room in the house - and it is. The room's about 30X30, square, and has these great red oak floors that were covered by some really hideous industrial strength beige carpet sometime during the wall-to-wall carpeting craze of the '70's.

Like every project, the hardest part is getting ready for it. To do this right, we had to empty out the living room and that forced us to take a long hard look at the junk that builds up when you live in one place longer than a year and we threw out a bunch of junk - old toys, books, knick-knack's that no one could remember (or admit to) picking up, stuff like that. It doesn't sound like much, but it filled up the back of my Explorer on more than one trip.

Next was emptying the place - we've literally filled up our garage, deck and every room in the house with pieces of furniture. To open room in the garage I took a part this massive work bench I'd built a couple years ago (what was I thinking? If you just do minor woodworking or home repair you really don't need a huge bench - in fact one of those Black & Decker benchmate's works well and you can take it anywhere.)

That said, we finally got the room enptied out and the garage stuffed to the rafters. The picture above doesn't really show you just how awful the carpet was and I didn't set any of them up right - but they'll get better!

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