Monday, April 24, 2006

And You Think You've Got Problems...

The Smoking Gun has obtained a copy of Denise Richard's deposition in her divorce case against Charlie Sheen and it reads like a Lifetime movie of the week. Drugs, gambling, prostitution and underaged gay porn - this was definately a marriage that had it all!

Is it all true? I dunno. Keep in mind that a deposition in this kind of proceding is an "all-or-nothing" proposition - it's designed to make Denise look like an angel (and she does!) and Charlie look like the worst kind of reprobate. So the truth is probably that he's got his vices, but no more than any spoiled, self-absorbed Hollywood-ite.

Another thing is that while listening to this morning's local news broadcast I heard one of the announcers state that Denise was accusing Charlie of engaging in kiddie porn. But if you actually read the deposition it doesn't say that - instead it says that the gay models "looked underage" to Denise. This is a far cry from actual KP (as it's called in cop circles) and, if true, is a very serious offense.

During different investigations I've come across gay sites that featured very young looking models; inevitably you'll find a statement in fine print that "all models are 18 years of age or older." There seems to be a large part of gay culture that is attracted to young boys with older men; you may remember the risable NAMBLA made headlines with it's "sex before 8 or it's too late" mottos years ago. But that's certainly not a vice or fetish restricted to the gay life-style. Go to any liquor store and look at the "adult" magazine rack. Inevitably you'll come across some "barely legal teen" publication that has the same disclaimers.

I only mention this because I consider the charge of possessing, distributing or just viewing KP to be so very serious. When I was a street cop in the '80's KP had been almost totally eliminated. Perv's had to travel to foreign countries to even look at the stuff and anyone caught bringing the stuff into the country was severly punished. Thanks to the internet, all that has, unfortunately, changed and KP forms a large part of many high-tech crime investigations. And though I can't prove it, I believe that the rise in child assault and murders (ala Samantha Runyun) is a result of the rise of this scourge.

It's a very sad comment on the times in which we live.

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