Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars III Has a Message for the Catholic Church: Keep Priests Celibate and Hetero!

If you're planning on seeing Revenge of the Sith, read no further - spoilers ahead.

Though I can't buy all of the ecclesiology, PunditGuy draws a parallel between the Jedi Council and the Catholic Church:

When a woman comes between a Jedi, a wedge is driven between the Jedi and his fellow Jedi's. The will of the council cannot be done. The mission of the council cannot be completed. The Jedi who is involved with a woman focuses completely on her, and not on the needs of others. As she demands more from him, he begins to think only about her and his life with her. He is unable to think and care for others in an equal way. He has become selfish and cannot be a Jedi Master.


While celibate, a priest can do the will of the church. They can selflessly serve their catholic parishioners. Once they break their celibacy and give way to homosexual urges, they become focused on it and cannot effectively serve the church any longer. They hide their character from the church, just like Anakin hides his marriage and fatherhood from the Jedi council. They know that if the Catholic church finds out about their homosexuality, they can no longer serve as a priest. They become more selfish and think only of themselves, of feeding their urges. They no longer care about their victims. Anakin no longer cares about the people he once loved and to protect his power, he permanently harms them or kills them.

Like Glenn says, read the whole thing...

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DJ said...

So, all Ministers and Priests should not marry. Hummmm, after just seeing the movie, Anakin was upset because the council would not include him in anything or trust him. As far as his wife, I remember him being upset about his Mothers death also.
Face it, he was an angry young man a long time ago!