Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Runaway Bride no Angel

I'm undoubtedly not the first person to think it, but I may be the first person to put it into writing: before all this nonsense is over, a boyfriend will be found who spent the week with Jennifer Wilbanks during her recent soiree to Vegas. You don't have to be a detective to realize that she didn't jump on a bus and live anywhere, even the buffet capital of the world, with only $140 and no ID.

No Angel

Newpapers have reported that one complaint that Jennifer had was a lack of sex before the wedding. Despite the "deer in the headlights" pictures, Jennifer would have had no problem finding a host of males willing to remedy that situation. Remember this axiom: women need a reason for sex. Men need a place.

It's also significant to me that in addition to making up bogus claims that she'd been kidnapped, she also claimed to have been raped, insisting on a rape exam long after both the Albequerque PD and FBI decided that she was lying.

As this case drags on more about her past comes out, including that she's been arrested at least five times, and served time for shoplifting.

So there's my prediction. I think the only reason video hasn't leaked from some casino is the recent spate of "what happens here, stays here" Vegas TV commercials.

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