Friday, April 22, 2005

Making Waves Already

To my knowledge, Pope Benedict XVI hasn't done anything "official" as Pope - but you'd never know it from the amount of ink he's been getting. Aside from the predictable howling of liberals mortified to discover that the Church elected a Catholic as Pope, there's beginning to be a dawning awareness in protestant circles that they've a new and powerful ally in the battle against the culture of death and hedonism.

Michael Novak writes in "Culture in Crisis" for National Review:

In his most formative years, Ratzinger heard Nazi propaganda shouting that there is no truth, no justice, there is only the will of the people (enunciated by its leader). As its necessary precondition, Nazism depended on the debunking of objective truth and objective morality. Truth had to be derided as irrelevant, and naked will had to be exalted.

To anybody who said: “But that’s false!” the Nazi shouted, “That’s just your opinion, and who are you, compared to Der Fuehrer?”


The new way is not toward objectivity, but toward subjectivism; not toward truth as its criterion, but toward power. This, Ratzinger fears, is a move back toward the justification of murder in the name of “tolerance” and subjective choice.

Along with that move, he has observed (haven’t we all?), comes a dictatorial impulse, to treat anyone who has a different view as “intolerant.” For instance, those (on the “religious right”) who hold that there are truths worth dying for, and objective goods to be pursued and objective evils to be avoided, are now held to be “intolerant” fundamentalists, guilty of “discrimination.”

Father Pavone of Priests for Life echoes the theme that human secularism equals "might makes right" when he quotes Pope Benedict XVI:

By allowing the rights of the weakest to be violated, the State also allows the law of force to prevail over the force of law. One sees, then, that the idea of an absolute tolerance of freedom of choice for some destroys the very foundation of a just mode of social life. The separation of politics from any natural content of law, which is the inalienable patrimony of everyone's moral conscience, deprives social life of its ethical substance and leaves it defenseless before the will of the strongest.
As they say - read it all.

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