Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas in Fontana

The Christmas holiday was a typical Southern California day – sunny and so warm it felt like spring; certainly not the middle of winter!

Our traditions are probably a little different from the rest of the country. Part of that is the locale and part of that is being Italian. So for Christmas Eve, we spent most of the day making enchiladas! Christmas Day dinner would be ravioli’s, but for the day before, we like something a little different.

Christmas Enchliadas!

Mary making chicken enchiladas.

The weather was so nice that we took the girls for a walk and ended up at Veteran’s (formerly Palmetto) Park. The girls had a great time running around on the playground equipment and even Mary got into the swing of things!

Veterans Park

That night Mary and I got to play Santa Claus. We have to wait until the kids all go to bed (it gets later and later every year) and then we sneak out all the presents we’ve been hiding for the last couple of months. It’s corny – but it’s fun.

The Lucky Cat

Even Lucky got into the spirit of things.
The next morning, Mary and I are always up first. That way, we get to see the kid’s as they get up and see the presents under the tree! Jeff and Angie are too old to be really surprised, but Christy is fighting hard to believe in Santa Claus.

Christy and Stocking

Christy holding her stocking of goodies from Santa Claus.

We always fill their stockings with candy and little goodies so that they can have something to open first thing in the morning. But the big presents have to wait until the grandparents and uncles can come over. That’s around lunchtime.

Star Wars

Angie’s favorite present – the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD.

Jeff Humor

Jeff’s humor is a little dark – just like his Dad’s!

Christy Dolls

Christina can never have enough dolls!

After opening all the presents, it’s time for dinner, usually followed by the kids playing with their toys, or everyone joining in a game of Clue or whatever the kids got from St. Nick. This year, we split our time between the “Xanadu” DVD and watching the Lakers vs. Miami Heat game. I was glad to see Kobe (what a jerk) lose, but I wish the score had been bigger!

Finally, however, we got everyone to bed and I can recuperate for another year!

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